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TPA’s Latest Access Products

TPA Kerb Ramps An effective and convenient way to allow vehicles, barrows, wheelchairs or other wheeled traffic to mount kerbs more easily. Comprised of tough rubber moulding with yellow reflective panels, TPA kerb ramps are ideal for just about any application or location in which there is wheeled traffic from time to time. The all-rubber … Continue reading TPA’s Latest Access Products

TPA Plastic Portable Roadways & Walkways

TPA terraroad® exclusively designed & manufactured heavy duty road mats for temporary roadways, walkways & working platforms. terraroad® can be deployed in areas of high theft risk and are lighter than alternatives to transport to site, making it ideal for the Electricity Transmission and Projects in remote locations. The panels are connected using an overlap construction … Continue reading TPA Plastic Portable Roadways & Walkways

TPA Aluminium Portable Roadways

TPA Aluminium Portable Roadways TPA’s highly versatile aluminium roadway system ensures that a safe and effective temporary access can be engineered for your project even where site, ground and prevailing weather conditions are difficult. TPA’s HD panel system caters for a wide variety of ground conditions and access needs. Manufactured to TPA’s unique specification, the design is suitable for a diverse weight … Continue reading TPA Aluminium Portable Roadways

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