TPA’s Latest Access Products

TPA TrenchLink

TPA’s Trenchlink is a system of interlocking, ductile iron mini road plates which can be easily handled by operatives on site in order to secure a trench for the immediate passage of vehicular or pedestrian

They have an integrated, permanent antiskid surface and cannot move out of position once they have been placed over an open trench. They require no anchoring while the crew is on site and can be quickly removed for permanent re-instatement.
The Trenchlink plates are not simply small road plates. They are a system that allows the contractor to conduct road openings in a radically different way from current industry practices.

TPA SafeKerb Ramps

TPA’s SafeKerb Ramp Provides a safe means for wheelchair and pushchair users to reach the next level when a footpath has been closed for street works.

The TPA SafeKerb wheelchair ramp has been created to comply and exceed the ‘Wheel Chair Boarding Ramp Specification’, the ‘Safety at Streetworks Code of Practice’ and the ‘Disability Dis-crimination Act’ (DDA).
It provides a safe means for wheelchair and pushchair users to reach the next level when a footpath has been closed for street works. It can also provide easy access for sack trucks; wheelie bins etc. up to 250kg.

TPA Kerb Ramps

An effective and convenient way to allow vehicles, barrows, wheelchairs or other wheeled traffic to mount kerbs more easily.

Comprised of tough rubber moulding with yellow reflective panels, TPA kerb ramps are ideal for just about any application or location in which there is wheeled traffic from time to time.
The all-rubber construction and 40 tonne load capacity makes these ramps suitable for all weights and types of vehicles, and they can be easily positioned on most kerbs.

TPA TrenchCross

TPA’s TrenchCross. This strong but lightweight Trench Cover and Footbridge provides a solution to all requirements within the construction sector.

TPA’s unique and innovative Trench Cover can provide safe, work and public access, whilst working over and around deep excavations and open trenches.
Along with it’s additional safety features, such as the edge protection railings and hi-visibility strips, the TrenchCross provides a safe working environment for both workers and the public, but also temporary access for light to medium weight vehicles.


TPA Pedestrian Gangway

TPA’s Aluminium Pedestrian Gangways, available in up to 6m in length with foldable and removable handrails.

TPA’s range of aluminium pedestrian walkways are, as the name suggests, designed for pedestrian use across excavations and ditches. They have a maximum loading capacity of 400kgs/m2 and range from 1660mm – 6060mm long.
The handrails on the sides of the walkways are 1000mm high when deployed, and fold in on themselves for ease of transportation.


TPA GS6 Height Restrictor

TPA’s specifically designed GS6 Height Restrictor system for hire, providing critical safety for personnel working on or near to Overhead Lines.

TPA’s GS6 Height Restriction Barriers for Overhead Distribution such as Power Lines have been designed to provide an industry bespoke solution which is lightweight,
secure and easily transportable.

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