TPA Plastic Portable Roadways & Walkways

TPA terraroad® exclusively designed & manufactured heavy duty road mats for temporary roadways, walkways & working platforms.

terraroad® can be deployed in areas of high theft risk and are lighter than alternatives to transport to site, making it ideal for the Electricity Transmission and Projects in remote locations.

The panels are connected using an overlap construction with built in cam locks providing a seamless connection at the front and rear of the panel eliminating seepage of mud between the panels.

TuffTrak® – Specifically designed heavy duty plastic road mats for temporary roadways & work areas.

TuffTrak® is a heavy duty road mat providing temporary roadways and work areas for heavy plant, machinery and multiple vehicles. Manufactured from tough 40mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE), TuffTrak® mats are described by the manufacturer as ‘virtually indestructible’.

TuffTrak® can be deployed in areas of high theft risk and are lighter than others to transport. The mat is chemically inert which makes it ideal for eco sensitive and heritage sites.

The engineered chevron surface design delivers ultimate grip and dispels mud whilst vehicles traverse. The unique chevron nub design reduces sideways movement / slippage and delivers optimal forward traction for heavy plants, machinery and vehicles.


Zappmat is a plastic mat pedestrian walkway and light duty temporary roadway.

Manufactured from tough, virgin, high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is 100% recyclable, Zappmat mats are of superior panel ridgity & strength due to the unique virgin HDPE material composition and manufacturing methods.

Group Zappmat Shots (Large)

The engineered dual sided tread pattern surface design provides unrivalled grip and dispels mud whilst vehicles traverse. At less than 40kg per mat, and featuring hand grips for easy movement means that no specialist equipment is required and repositioning can be rapidly executed.


TPA’s LD Mat is a a low cost, easy to deploy plastic ground protection panel for a wide range of uses within the construction, groundwork’s and events industries.

At just 32kg, the LD Mat is easy to handle and simple to install by a two man team. When used for temporary access or ground protection there is a range of connection options to create access
routes or walkways, working pads, storage depot areas or event flooring.
The LD Mat has many uses on job sites, not just for temporary access due to its weatherproof properties whilst being safe and easy to deploy.


TPA MultiTrack Mat

TPA’s MultiTrack Mat is strong and yet still lightweight, these interlocking plastic mats make an ideal event trackway, or portable access road.

With a robust tread pattern they are fi t for purpose across a range of industry sectors with uses including: temporary roadways, car parks, site compounds, event flooring and pedestrian walkways.

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